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INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.

Negative Approach appreciation reblogs yet again

Negative Approach


Nothing - Negative Approach

You try to make things work and gain something
It’s all no use, it’s all worth nothing
Complete satisfaction, too impossible to believe
Nothing’s ever fucking gonna work for me

Tomorrow seems so hopeless
Can’t keep it off my mind
Another day of nothing
I’m running out of time
I’ve got nothing I can look forward to
I’m always left with nothing


Negative Approach is THE band.

Lead Song
Negative Approach


Lead Song - Negative Approach

You laugh at us from behind our backs
Just fucking wait till we attack
Your type is someone we despise
Watch the slaughter from where you hide


You made your choice
Now there’s no turning back
Wasting your time
But you just won’t face the facts
Why fool yourself
That you’re having fun
When you had your second thoughts
Why didn’t you fucking run

Tied Down
You’re on a fucking leash
Tied Down
You’ll never be released
Tied Down
You wanted it that way
Tied Down
Now there’s nothing you can say

Now you lost yourself
And you got nowhere to go
I can only see
You’re not the one I used to know
No time left for yourself
Because commitments that you’ve made
Now it’s gonna haunt you
Till your fucking dying day


Detroit, year zero


Detroit, year zero